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Creating a Strong Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your customers see, and it determines whether they open your email. To craft effective emails, focus on creating strong subject lines that grab attention and spark curiosity. Keep them short, clear, and relevant to the email content. Personalize subject lines by including the recipient’s name or specific details about their interests. For example, “Exclusive Discount on Brake Pads, John!” is more likely to get opened than a generic subject line.

Test out your subject lines to see how they rate on a free email subject line checker such as This is one of our favorites because it’s intuitive to use, the metrics are simple to understand, and you can change one element at a time until you have a subject line that scores above 80. Depending on your auto parts business, you may also want to use emojis to craft effective email subject lines.

NetHunt reports that the open rates for emails with emojis are 56% higher than those without. Plus, customers are 44% more likely to purchase from an email with an emoji in the subject line.

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