How To Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Using a pressure washer is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of cleaning any outdoor surface. A hose pipe or bucket of water can’t match the cleaning power of power washers, as they lack the water pressure to blast away the toughest dirt and grime. 

In this guide, we will take you through the best techniques for driveway cleaning, and show you how to efficiently pressure wash your driveway. If you are looking for your first power washer or want to upgrade, check out our extensive range you can buy online. 

What You Will Need 

equipment you will need to pressure wash your driveway includes: 

  • Pressure washer 
  • Bottle of detergent 
  • Broom or leaf blower 
  • Strong-grip footwear 

Step 1: Clear The Area 

things first, make sure your driveway is clear, with no obstacles in your way
while cleaning. This includes moving any cars off your driveway and removing
any debris, such as leaves. 

should now have a clear space to use your pressure washer. 

Step 2: Cover Your Plants 

you have plants that are located close to your driveway, cover them with a
sheet or tarpaulin. You will be using detergent when washing your
driveway,  which can be harmful to plants if it reaches the soil. 

Step 3: Use Safety Gear 

you will be working on a slippery surface, wear shoes with a strong grip to
reduce the risk of falling. It is also advisable to put on hearing protection,
as pressure washers are very loud when in use. 

Step 4: Select A Nozzle 

nozzle you equip on your pressure washer will determine the strength of the
water stream. The lower the number in degrees, the narrower and stronger the
stream will be. When starting to clean your driveway, select a smaller number
e.g. 25-30 degrees to ensure you are blasting away the toughest dirt. 

Step 5: Apply The Detergent 

using your pressure washer,  you need to apply the cleaning detergent
across your driveway. This will aid in removing tough stains, such as paint and
oil. Some detergents come with a spray accessory to help apply it onto your
driveway; if your detergent doesn’t have this addition, carefully pour the
detergent along your driveway by hand. 

Step 6: Washing The Driveway 

it is time to begin washing. As mentioned earlier, check you have a small
nozzle equipped e.g. 25-30 degrees and start using your pressure washer from
the highest point of your driveway. As you clean, the dirty water will run down
to the lowest point, rather than across the areas you have already cleaned. 

is advisable to use your pressure washer at a distance of 10-15 inches from the
driveway surface and move across in straight horizontal lines. Try to maintain
this movement and spray each area 2 times, to ensure maximum coverage. 

you encounter a stain that won’t immediately wash away, move your nozzle closer
to the surface. Be careful not to aim too close to the driveway, as this can
potentially damage it. 

Step 7: Rinse It Away 

your driveway has been completely washed, use a lower-pressure nozzle or broom
to rinse away the dirty water. You can then remove any covers over your plants. 

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benefit of using a pressure washer is how versatile they are. Whilst being
ideal for driveways, they are also great at cleaning outdoor decking
areas.  our guide on how to clean your decking with or without a pressure washer.

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