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Simple maintenance tasks are easy to neglect in the hurry of our everyday lives, allowing them to build up and become overwhelming. There are a handful of maintenance tasks that can be done quickly in the morning, on a lunch break or when you have a spare 15 minutes; these can have a huge impact on the longevity of a vehicle.

If maintaining the quality of your car is a priority,
upgrading your car accessories or investing in the right car care can make a noticeable

How to replace windscreen wiper blades

Time needed: 5-10 minutes

It is recommended to change your wiper blades every twelve
months to maintain proper function and protect your windscreen. Signs that they
need replacing include streaks on the glass or a regular squeaking noise.

They are affordable to replace, costing as little as £6
per blade if you fit them yourself. Once you have the correct blade for your car make and model, gently
lift the current wiper blades away from the windscreen and unclip them. You may
need to research your specific vehicle if you are struggling.

Once removed, you
can attach the new blades using the same method and place them back down on the
windscreen. Make sure to test them before you head out on the road.

How to check and inflate tyres

Time needed: 5-10 minutes

Correctly-inflated tyres will affect your driving and fuel consumption, so don’t neglect to check them regularly. Remove the valve cap from the tyre you are checking and push the pressure gauge on until the hissing stops. Check the reading against the recommended PSI for your vehicle.

If you need to inflate the tyre, attach the hose fitting to the same valve and turn it on until it has reached the correct PSI or stops automatically. Remove the hose and put the valve cap back on. Repeat this for all four tyres.

How to top up screen wash

Time needed: 5 minutes

Dust and dirt can quickly build up on your windscreen
while you’re driving and affect visibility, so it’s important that you are
prepared. Ensuring your screen wash is topped up regularly will help reduce the risk of
getting stuck on the road without the ability to clean your windscreen.

Open the bonnet
and unscrew the cap for the screen wash chamber, which is usually marked with
an illustration of a screen being sprayed with water. The chamber is
see-through, so you can easily see the levels of the fluid. Top it up with
screen wash fluid as needed; some screen wash will need to be diluted with
water, so check this beforehand.

How to clean windscreen glass

Time needed: 10 minutes

As well as the windscreen, the windows and wing mirrors
can collect dirt and reduce visibility while driving. It’s important to clean
the glass regularly, as well as use screen wash, ahead of any journey.

Using a car-specific
window and glass cleaner, spray all the visible glass on the exterior of your
vehicle, including the windscreens, windows, wing mirrors and headlamps. A microfibre cloth will help buff the cleaner into the glass and leave
everything sparkling. On the interior, don’t forget your rear-view mirror.

These quick maintenance jobs can improve the day-to-day
running of your vehicle when carried out regularly. When you have the time to
perform more detailed car maintenance tasks, our guide to valeting your car will help bring the sparkle back to any vehicle.


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